Hello and welcome to the website of Globus Hystericus!
Here you can find info about what we do and when we do it.

The ROAD TO TADAM took us all over Europe this summer, you could see us play in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and of course Slovenia! To see where and when exactly, you can click here. We’ll see you January 21-23 at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (Freiburg, DE), where we’ll have a stand representing the show.

Our series of Work-outs for the Stage continues in Ljubljana and now Maribor too. From January 16 to February 24, every other Monday, in Maribor: link to event here. From February 4 to March 25, every Monday, in Ljubljana: link to event here.

In 2018, we hosted clown master Giovanni Fusetti in Ljubljana in October. We held another of our clown intensive workshop in November in Maribor. We taught “Clown for Improvisers” at the Naked Stage, international imrpov festival in Ljubaljana, and we taught a new workshop “Let’s See Your Body Talk,” focused on body language and stage awareness, at Improv Fest Ireland in Dublin.
Click here for more info about our workshops!

Click here for more info about workshop from GIovanni Fusetti!

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